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Professional Workplace Violence Training in Central California

Keep your employees safe with workplace violence training. Though seen as a taboo topic, workplace violence is a very real threat that can be brought on by many circumstances, including stress, mental illness, and drug use. Rather than risk the safety of your employees, provide them with the proper training from Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc., based in Merced, CA. Our crew of professionals will teach you and your staff how to prepare for an active shooter.

Who Have We Provided Services For?

You want the most experienced instructors, so it only makes sense to be trained by a team with a long record of satisfied clients, including:

  • District Attorney’s Offices
  • Police Departments
  • Construction and Roofing Companies
  • Food Processing Plants
  • The Western States Utility Theft Association
  • The California Department of Water Resources
  • The San Luis Delta Mendota Water Authority

How Does the Training Work?

Our 2, 3, or 4-hour muscle memory training is as real as it gets. We bring an active shooter and intruder scenario to your site to demonstrate the most effective methods to keep your people safe. We use evidence-based practices to create positive muscle memory reactions to high-stress scenarios, with fight or flight responses. Our goal is to not only give you a plan on paper but also to teach life-saving and situational awareness skills. With us on your side, your office will be prepared for any emergency.

What are the Benefits of the Training?

Knowing what to do in an emergency is vital to your survival. Ensure you and your employees are ready for any scenario. Our team is comprised of veterans and active duty law enforcement that have experienced dangerous and life-threatening situations and can show you the most effective methods to keep yourself safe. The benefits of our workplace violence emergency preparedness courses include:

  • Loss of Life Prevention
  • Emergency Preparedness for Your Employees
  • A Certificate of Emergency Preparedness Training that meets OSHA Requirements

Active Shooter training is mandatory for California health care facilities as of April 1st, 2018 (Title 8, Section 3342).

What is the Cost of the Training?

The training event costs an average of $50 per person and is provided at your business, church, facility or office. All training events include a risk management liability certificate of training for your business, church, healthcare facility, or organization.

Contact us to find out more about our workplace violence training. We proudly serve clients in Sacramento, Merced, Fresno, Costa Mesa, CA, and the surrounding areas.