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When it comes to a classroom lockdown, securing the door needs to be the priority. We have created a device that is a low-cost solution to help teachers not only secure the door first but do it faster than any other method.

What Does It Do?

Securing the door needs to be the priority during a lock down situation. Relying on fine motor skills under stress such as using a key to lock a door or going outside to secure a key lock door during an emergency is not only unpractical it is downright dangerous!

A solution to the problem is implementing a policy requiring the classroom to remain locked. This policy however does not account for students and teachers entering and exiting classrooms during breaks or lunch and the nuisance of the teacher having to stop in the middle of a lesson to open the door for someone.

Issues with The Lock Block Style Device

Districts in the past have purchased devices such as a lock block type tool that sticks to the door, however, has some serious issues. Complaints from the device from teachers included the following;

The device wouldn’t stay secured to the door, the device was mounted high on the door so kids wouldn’t vandalize or remove it from the door. The device would slide shut by accidentally being touched causing the teacher to be locked out of the room. The device does not have a warranty and was never intended to be a school safety device by the manufacturer.

Our Product was Created and Designed for Lock Down Scenarios

Our design engineer along with input from educators, firefighters who have conducted school safety inspections and law enforcement instructors came together with a far more superior product.

The “Step One” device has the following features and designs:

  1. Installed to the door with 3M® VHB tape creating the strongest bond to the door possible. The device can be mounted just above the door handle at 36”-48” heights in compliance with ADA guidelines and not have to worry about a student removing it or damaging it.
  2. The device has a green indicator which tells the educator or occupants of the room if the door is secured closed or not from a distance.
  3. The finger grip on the solid rubber slide has a design so it takes a pulling, grip motion to activate it and will not be closed or engaged accidentally.
  4. This product is called “STEP ONE” and comes with a sticker for the door to educate occupants on the first step needed during a lock down. This also serves as a reminder to the educator under stress during the lock down what they need to do first and foremost

Our District has the lock block style device, do we need to replace them?

No, if your district has these devices and they are still sticking to the doors then use them and get your money’s worth. Just understand they were never designed as a school safety device and the offer no product warranty. Our product was designed to be used during an emergency and is much stronger and durable. Once your current lock block style device needs to be replaced, contact us for an order of the “Step One” device.

Step One Device Disengaged


Do we need to use screws or any other type installation equipment to install the device on the doors?

No, the “Step One” Device does not require anything other than what comes in the package we send you. Isopropyl alcohol wipes (included) to clean the area of the door and the device itself. Our product comes with easy to install instructions and a link to a YouTube® video on installation and use.

How Do I Place an Order?

Send us an email at step1@knowledgesaveslives.com.

Tell us the name of your site or district and the number of units needed. Remember, these are designed to be a safety device for rooms that a person can secure from the inside. They are best suited for classrooms and offices, not hallway doors or exterior gates or fences. Once we know how many you need, we will send you an invoice estimate which requires approval before we can complete the order.

Is Shipping and Handling Included in the Estimate?

Yes, we take the guesswork out of everything. We use standard USPS shipping so if it fits, it ships at no additional cost to you. And we always throw in a few extra just in case there are a few extra doors that weren’t included in the original estimate.

Contact us to register for a mandatory school safety training course. We proudly serve clients in Sacramento, Merced, Fresno, Costa Mesa, CA, and more.