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Camera Mapping Services in Central California

We at Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc., based in Merced, appreciate your interest in our Camera Mapping Services.

This service allows any business, church, healthcare facility, school district, or individual campus to see a full map of their campus, from different camera angles, without having to purchase any cameras.

The map is created using remote cameras, pole cameras, and UAV technology (drones). The camera placement recommendations are made by retired law enforcement investigators and corrections supervisors; not by camera sales representatives.

The goal is to give the district optimal camera coverage of their site for both proactive uses, such as lockdowns or active shooter emergencies, and reactive events such as vandalism or burglary.

Our mission is to recommend the lowest number of cameras possible to reduce equipment and installation costs, bandwidth issues, and to be user-friendly.

The client can take the interactive map system using Google Maps® and purchase cameras from any vendor they choose. The number of cameras, placement, and angle of each camera will already be mapped out for them. Our map will also recommend the type of camera such as Multi-lens, Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ), and High Resolution (HR), or fixed and stationary. The information will also include coverage angle recommendations like 90,180 and 270-degree coverage.

The UAV team is supervised by Kristian Anderson, KSL Employee and a Sergeant with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

Our clients have saved a range of $50,000 — $2,300,000 on camera purchasing and equipment installation, without losing any of the recommended camera coverage at the same time.

Camera Map Sample

Camera View Sample

Contact us to find out more about our camera mapping services. We proudly serve clients throughout Sacramento, Merced, Fresno, Costa Mesa, CA, and the surrounding areas.