Active Shooter Training For Bus Drivers

Ensure the safety of your bus drivers and students in their care with our school transportation crisis training throughout California. With the expert instructors from Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc. by your side, you’ll be prepared for any emergency situation. Our team of veterans and active-duty law enforcement officers are ready to provide the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure safety and security.

Emergency Operations Bus Driver Training

The professionals we employ have encountered many emergency scenarios throughout their careers. We’ll ensure you have the school bus driver multi-hazard emergency training you require.

Our 6.5-hour Tactical Bus Driver Training focuses on three key points:


  • Observational Awareness, Recognizing a Dangerous Situation
  • The Ability to Drive, Direct, and Communicate Under Stress is Vital
  • The Driver Must Commit 100% to the Appropriate Action in an Emergency

This 6.5-hour emergency response training is as real as it gets and features the following specific topics:



  • Emergency at a Bus Stop Scenario
  • Improvised Weapons Station
  • Tactical Driving Course
  • Emergency Communication
  • City Street Emergency Scenario
  • Active Threat inside the Transportation Building
  • Freeway/Highway Emergency Scenario
  • Mock Law Enforcement Response Scenario


We combine run, hide, and fight with OODA Loop and other evidence-based methods and integrate these methods with bus safety information, ensuring your drivers have the necessary school bus intruder response training. Our instructors tailor the curriculum to give your transportation department staff realistic emergency experiences. We will also coordinate with your local law enforcement agency to create a unified response drill.

The KSL Tactical Driving Training Team includes four retired officers from The California Highway Patrol (CHP) with over 100 combined years of experience.

All training events include a Risk Management Liability Certificate of Training.

Bus Active Threat Training

Bus Training


From some of our attendees:

"Great training! Would like future trainings to stay ready."

"The best training by far in my 30 years with the district as a bus driver!"

"Great Class! I learned a lot and the actual gunfire made it real! Thanks for the education."

"This was a great training, very well presented and with lots of information."

"It was a great training! Lots of knowledge!"

"Keep up the good work, great hands on training!"


School Districts: Please contact your ASCIP representative to see if your district is eligible to host this training.

For California School Districts (up to 35 drivers), please contact us for a price quote.

All training materials and lunch are provided to your staff.

$295 per driver with reduced rates for groups of 20 or more.

Bus Training Drill

Group of People in Front of a Bus

Armed men are running beside a school bus with the door open

Officers Bus Training

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you prepare for any emergency. We proudly serve all areas of California.

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