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Active Shooter Training for Schools

Be prepared for dangerous situations with our active shooter training for schools. School shootings are a very real threat. If you work in the education field, there is always the possibility of finding yourself in a situation like this. Ensure the survival of you, your staff, and your students by learning what exactly you should do in these types of scenarios.

Keys to Survival in an Active Threat

Active Threat Training

When it comes to on-site training, it is important to note that every site is different, and each of our training programs is uniquely customized to your location in order to ensure success and safety. Nobody knows your school better than you do. Once you put together a comprehensive emergency plan, you’ll be better prepared to keep yourself and those around you safe.

In order to familiarize your faculty with survival tactics, it is vital to use repetitious movement and muscle memory. If your school is ever faced with an active threat, the specialized training will kick in, and your staff will be able to react quickly. With our knowledge and expertise, you’ll remain calm during an emergency situation and communicate clearly to first responders.

Our Training Strategies

The most common advice for emergency situations is first to run. If you can escape the danger, do not hesitate to do so. When running is not an option, it is vital to find somewhere to hide. Stay calm and stay quiet. As long as an active shooter or other threat does not know where you are, you will be safe. As a last resort, if you cannot run or hide, fighting is the only other option.

Here at Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc., we combine run, hide, and fight with OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act) and other evidence-based training methods, and use them within the context of site-specific information. Our instructors build a custom curriculum to give your staff realistic and positive responses to an emergency. Our team will also coordinate with your local law enforcement agency and other first responders to work together for a unified response.

All training events include a Risk Management Liability Certificate of Training. Our proven 4-hour emergency response training has improved the response times of many schools. With our school emergency planning, campuses that once took nearly 10 minutes to lock down the school are now able to secure the area in less than a minute.

How it Works

Our one day, 4-hour training provides site-specific layers of protection from an active threat on your property. We build a site-specific curriculum based on the layout of the campus. The training is designed for up to 100 employees (both full-time and part-time) of the site. All of the employees, including bus drivers, walk through several site-specific scenarios to help give them the correct physical response options during an emergency.

The training reduces the "freeze" response and encourages teamwork and communication skills during an emergency. A mock gunman scenario is used to help employees perform life-saving measures during an active shooter situation.

"You won't rise to the occasion; you will only fall to the level of your training."

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We are also a service provider for ASCIP. If you are an ASCIP member district, please contact your representative to learn about our training resources through them.

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