Site Safety And Security Assessment Reports Including Custom Training Video

Customized Training Video + Confidential Detailed Report + Live Presentation of Information/Q &A = Complete Site Safety Report

Whether it is a school, business, church, or health care facility, there are areas that a stranger off the street should not have access to. Places such as schools have very good written policies on visitors accessing the school, but do the staff follow them? How easy is it to go from the street to an occupied classroom? We can answer those questions and offer solutions.

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The law enforcement team at Knowledge Saves Lives, Inc. will begin by conducting a vulnerability assessment of the property, such as a campus. One of our former undercover agents will wear a body camera and document the accessibility to the site and if the staff contacted and acted according to policy. The video footage will then be created into a custom training video for the client to emphasize the importance of safety.

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After the vulnerability phase is complete, our team will contact your site’s administrator or security director to conduct a walkthrough and detailed tour to document safety hazards and concerns.
The findings are prepared in the form of a confidential written document describing safety and security deficiencies and providing detailed, evidence-based solutions.


  • Our reports are confidential and protected under Government Code 6254 from The Brown Act.
  • Each report outlines low-cost and no-cost solutions to vulnerabilities found at your business or school.
  • Our team has received certified training by REMS, DHS, FEMA and Cal STAS regarding site assessments.
  • We compare the everyday procedures of your business or school to your Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) and your Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) SB 187.




Once the report and video are completed, we schedule a live presentation of the information so your safety team has an opportunity to discuss problems and solutions and ask site-specific safety questions to our experts.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you prepare for any emergency. We proudly serve all areas of California.

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