Emergency Operations Bus Driver Training


Our 8-hour Tactical Bus Driver Training focuses on three key points:

1. Observational Awareness, recognizing a dangerous situation.

2. The ability to drive, direct, and communicate under stress is vital.

3. The driver must commit 100% to the appropriate action in an emergency.


                      This 8-hour emergency response training is as real as it gets!

                                             The training event includes:

Emergency at a bus stop scenario                        Improvised weapons station

Tactical Driving Course                                            Emergency communication

City street emergency scenario                            Active threat inside the transportation building

Freeway/Highway emergency scenario               Mock law enforcement response scenario         


We combine RUN, HIDE & FIGHT with OODA Loop and other evidence based training methods and integrate these methods with bus safety information. Our instructors build a custom curriculum to give your staff realistic and positive responses to an emergency. Our team will also coordinate with your local law enforcement agency and create a unified response drill.

The KSL Tactical Driving Training Team includes 4 current and retired officers from The California Highway Patrol (CHP) with over 100 combined years of experience.

             All training events include a Risk Management Liability Certificate of Training


From some of our attendees:

"Great training! Would like future trainings to stay ready."

"The best training by far in my 30 years with the district as a bus driver!"

"Great Class! I learned lot and the actual gunfire made it real! Thanks for the education."

"This was a great training, very well presented and with lots of information."

"It was a great training! Lots of knowledge!"

"Keep up the good work, great hands on training!"


ASCIP School Districts: Please contact your ASCIP representative to see if your district is eligilbe to host this training. 

California School Districts : $6,995 per training event.(up to 35 drivers)

All training materials and lunch is provided to your staff.