Active Threat Training for Schools

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Active Threat Training focuses on five key points:

1.  Every site is different and each training program must be site-specific to be successful.

2. Successful training requires repetitious movement or the creation of muscle memory.

3. Tactics and safety procedures need to be kept confidential.

4. The ability to communicate is vital during an active threat situation.

5. Observe, Orient, Decide and Act (OODA LOOP) are the keys to surviving an act of violence.


From some of the attendees:

"This is by far the best professional development training I have ever attended, thank you!"

"Our staff now know what it takes to create time and distance from an active threat."

"Great job, I know now exactly what I need to do to make myself safe during an emergency".

"My staff have not stopped talking about the training, it has opened our eyes on how to improve our safety."

"In my 25 years working for a school district, this is best training I have ever received!"

This program currently holds a 97% excellence rating from more than 25,000 attendees.

Our one day, 4 hour training provides site specific layers of protection from an active threat on your property. For a detailed information resource guide on these and other services e-mail request to:

How does it work?

We build a site specific curriculum based on the layout of the campus.

The training is designed for up to 100 employees (both full-time & part-time)of the site.

All of the employees walk through several site specific scenarios to help give them the correct physical response options during an emergency.

The training reduces the "freeze" response and encourages teamwork and communication skills during an emergency.

A mock gunman scenario is used to help the employees perform the life saving measures during an active shooter situation.

"You won't rise to the occasion, you will only fall to the level of your training".

                                                             Fees Per School or Site

California K-12 School Districts during 2018-2019 School Year: $5,995 per site

California Community College Districts: $2,995 per two hour session (we provide up to four sessions per day) 

We are a service provider for ASCIP, if you are an ASCIP member district please contact your ASCIP representative to learn about our training resources through them. 


                       This 4-hour emergency response training is as real as it gets!

                                                                    Results from this training:

Average Lock down times:           Before the training                           After the training

High Schools                                 4 minutes 33 seconds                      56 seconds

Middle Schools                             6 minutes 15 seconds                      50 seconds

Elementary Schools                    8 minutes  6 seconds                      43 seconds


We combine RUN, HIDE & FIGHT with OODA Loop and other evidence based training methods and use them within the context of  site- specific information. Our instructors build a custom curriculum to give your staff realistic and positive responses to an emergency. Our team will also coordinate with your local law enforcement agency and other first responders to work together for a unified response.

             All training events include a Risk Management Liability Certificate of Training